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SYDESK and BAYCO: satisfaction survey reveals outstanding experience.

An exclusive interview with Lorena Basulto, from Bayco Consulting, reveals an exceptional collaborative relationship when using SYDESK, SYAAT’s support service.

SYDESK is a service desk supporting SAP solutions in functional modules, BASIS and Fiori, as well as communications, cloud, operating systems and backup, restore or replication. This platform has been one of the pillars of the collaboration between SYAAT and Bayco. Through SYDESK, Bayco receives a range of crucial services that have transformed its workforce management and administration.

Bayco handles the tickets of its SAP customers through the SYDESK platform, which receives support services mainly for Basis, but also Fiori and occasionally ABAP. Bayco outsources through SYAAT the support service and the ticketing system for its customers.

Lorena Basulto, personnel management analyst at Bayco and main help desk contact, shares her experience about the service provided by SYDESK.

Mainly, and as an outstanding feature, Lorena mentioned that SYDESK’s response time has been a great surprise for Bayco, as it has stood out for its speed and the permanent availability of the support team.

“I am very grateful for their support because they have always given us excellent attention. The response time I would rate as very good,” she said.

Experimenta un servicio de mesa de ayuda para tus aplicaciones y plataforma 
SAP fácilmente.

On the other hand, regarding the ease of contact with the support team, she assured that this is one of SYDESK’s most outstanding strengths. Lorena, from the first day, noticed that communication was fast and agile. In addition, she highlights the specialized attention of Stephany, her main point of contact at SYAAT, who, according to her, has been a great support to solve any doubt so that the platform is an effective tool for follow-up.

Regarding the assertiveness of the answers and solutions provided, Lorena emphasized that the feedback from her team at Bayco on this issue has always been positive. The requested resources are resolved immediately, evidencing the high quality of the service provided by SYDESK, one of SYAAT’s platforms.

In this sense, Lorena praises the professional and friendly treatment received in every interaction: “Whenever I talk to my main contact, she is always very attentive and supportive. The experience with SYAAT has been very good. I can say that the treatment has always been very friendly and professional,” she told us.

In addition, Lorena appreciates the support provided to address requirements beyond the scope of the SYDESK help desk, demonstrating SYAA’’s exceptional commitment to customer success and satisfaction.

Bayco’s satisfaction survey has reflected a flawless service experience with SYDESK. The team stands out for its efficiency, professionalism and personalized attention, thus building a solid and long-lasting collaborative relationship with its customers. Undoubtedly, an eloquent testimony of the quality of SYAAT’s work and commitment to being a leading company that leaves its mark.

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