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Our private cloud computing platform, specialized in SAP with managed services and designed to optimize SAP environments.

In this video of the SYAAT community, in this case our private cloud computing platform team, talk about how to detect when your company may need to migrate to the cloud, what you should consider before doing so, and the benefits it can bring to your company.

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icono de un procesador de datos

Minimum investment

Avoid large investments in infrastructure, training and set-up.

icono de seguridad en redes

No failures

Eliminates application availability failures.

icono de mantenimiento

Maintenance included

Forget about maintenance of the computer center facilities.

icono de optimización

Optimized cost

Optimize the cost of operating system licensing.

icono de ahorro de dinero

Constant maintenance

Your infrastructure will have a constant and renewed maintenance.

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Specialized personnel

Highly specialized personnel with a higher cost benefit.

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