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Configure, control and manage all the security rules of your company's access control, connected to your SAP platform and storing the records in the cloud in real time.

Access control of the different people who register in the facilities.

System that connects to the SAP platform that combines state-of-the-art technologies for access control of the different people that register in the facilities.

Main functionalities

Control access to any part of your company

Visitor control


Vehicle control

Canteen control

Inventory management

Equipment control

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We have implemented our solution in different national and international companies.

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Success story

Grupo Montepío Luz Saviñón, a Mexican private assistance institution, selected the SYCLOUD solution thanks to its ability to manage applications that work with SAP and non-SAP, and to continue having some solutions in the cloud, but also others on site. This is how, gradually, Montepío begins to gain confidence in the cloud and gradually uploads its applications without having to do so completely from the start.

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