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Benefits of migrating to the cloud

When a company chooses to begin its immersion in the cloud, it has the opportunity to access scalable and flexible technological resources that can be adapted to the demand of your business, according to its services. In this way, it is avoided to invest in expensive and obsolete infrastructures that depreciate day by day and that are often not used in their entirety.

Scalability and flexibility

Ability to scale cloud infrastructure resources. It allows you to adjust the processing, memory and storage capacity, according to business demand. In this way, infrastructure costs are optimized by obtaining a tailored service.

Scalability is used when it is necessary to manage workloads dynamically, allowing efficient growth adapted to market demand.

Costs reduction

Companies avoid the initial investment in expensive infrastructure, as well as the ongoing expenses of maintaining and updating the platform.

At SYCLOUD, we offer a comparative report between capital costs (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) to have and operate a local infrastructure. This analysis includes aspects such as the investment in the main computing platform, the investment in the redundant platform for high availability, maintenance costs to the data center, payments to operating personnel and personnel training.

These concepts show that migration to the cloud can be more profitable, since initial investments are eliminated, paying only a monthly rent, and the tax deduction is taken advantage of by considering it an operating expense, 100% tax-deductible.

Agility and speed

Another benefit of migrating to the cloud that companies can obtain is that they benefit from greater agility and speed in their operations. This is because they can almost immediately implement new applications and services without suffering from long infrastructure acquisition processes that are often tedious and expensive.

Instead of making these unnecessary investments, you ask the provider for the necessary IT resources, as your business demands, and to obtain them efficiently and seamlessly.

At SYCLOUD we meet the needs of each business and provide the right resources, whether for permanent use or for testing and training.

Greater security

Another benefit of migrating to the cloud is the protection of data and business information, which are critical aspects for organizations. This is why migrating to the cloud is a solution when it comes to obtaining above-average security levels.

At SYCLOUD we invest in high-reach security measures to protect our clients’ information through data encryption techniques, firewalls, and intrusion and virus detection systems.

In addition to this, we create backup copies and recovery of data in order to ensure the safety of the active state of the business in case of hardware failures. SYCLOUD offers you direct advice to implement communication solutions that adapt to the needs of your business, and we recommend data protection solutions as an added value.


Collaboration and productivity

Being able to access documents and applications in the cloud from any location and device is an excellent benefit when it comes to work teams, as they can collaborate more effectively and significantly increase their productivity.

Mexico is increasingly adopting cloud services, which makes evident the business recognition of the tangible benefits in terms of collaboration and productivity offered by cloud systems.

Global access and mobility

The migration to the cloud allows companies to access their data and applications from anywhere and through any device with an Internet connection in real time, which speeds up decision-making, while increasing efficiency in realization and delivery of tasks.

This gives the possibility of working remotely, which is one of the benefits of migrating to the cloud, and a plus when it comes to work flexibility.

Automatic software updates

In the case of using SaaS, a software in the cloud, updates will be carried out automatically, without the need for user intervention. This avoids manual updates and ensures that applications and systems are always updated and with security patches to avoid any type of failure.

At SYCLOUD we offer ERP SaaS in the cloud, backup solutions, a supplier portal, IT asset management, GRC for segregation of functions, access control and generation of apps to increase or maintain the mobility of the company.

Watch this video in which we tell you more about our SYCLOUD platform.

Data backup and recovery

Using the cloud has become a way to guarantee the protection of business data against possible human errors, hardware errors or natural phenomena. So, in the event that data is lost, recovery will be truly quick and easy, thus mitigating the impact on the business.

At SYCLOUD, we offer data backup solutions for workstations, laptops, file servers, and enterprise process recovery solutions, such as DRP, that provide a robust infrastructure for data backup and recovery. Businesses can take advantage of the automated backup and redundant storage capabilities we offer with our solutions.

Accelerated innovation

Thanks to the creation of the cloud, companies can now focus on their core activities and focus on creating and developing the growth of their business instead of investing time and resources in operating an infrastructure that is not part of their core business.

SYAAT offers you a solution that allows you to generate applications practically without the need for coding and implement it in various areas such as sales, logistics, maintenance, among others. With NEPTUNE, companies do not need to acquire new infrastructure, which speeds up the innovation process and provides breathing room if they try to centralize their efforts in their core business.

Sustainability and responsibility

If these are companies that are committed to ecology or receive authorizations in this regard, migrating to the cloud is the best option, as it contributes to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The carbon footprint is reduced by eliminating the need to keep servers or local equipment in use that consume large amounts of energy. In addition, it undoubtedly generates a positive image for the company.

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