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“Business processes with SAP BTP”, a vision to the future.

Rodrigo Hernández, Director of Operations at SYAAT, and Wulfrano Moreno, Technological Director at Mexbalia, gave the recent Webinar: “Business processes with SAP BTP”. It highlighted the essential strategies and tools to enhance business adaptability in the SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) environment, a system that facilitates the evolution of processes and business agility.

During this webinar, some tactics were presented that allow companies to adjust to new market demands.

Participants received valuable learning on how to maximize the performance of SAP BTP in their organizations, including the installation of business services such as APIs and the adoption of a cloud provisioning strategy with Hyperscalers providers.

The relevance of automation in process management, monitoring of indicators and incorporation with external solutions was also analyzed. The transformation of business intelligence tools into solutions such as SAP Analytics was addressed Cloud and DataSphere, as well as the importance of business planning and data analysis.

Through inspiring examples, it was demonstrated how companies from various sectors have successfully used SAP BTP to automate processes, thus freeing up a lot of time and, above all, resources for strategic activities that drive the development and innovation. The use of chatbots in business environments was also demonstrated, as well as improved invoicing systems and the implementation of Workflow for purchasign approvals, which help reduce the number of licenses.

On the other hand, the automation of business processes was highlighted in the virtual webinar as an essential component in digital transformation; this enables organizations to improve operational efficiency and customer experience through automated workflows and seamless integration with external systems.

Data management and analysis has become crucial for strategic decision-making. Solutions like SAP Analytics Cloud and DataSphere offer companies useful information in real time, driving competitiveness and innovation.

We used to see the future far away and imagined things that we didn’t would be possible. Today SAP BTP is just that: the future we imagined, a platform that covers everything, from process automation and integration to data management and advanced analysis, providing companies with the tools they need to thrive in the digital economy.

SYAAT is committed to the continuous growth of organizations and the improvement of their business processes. If you were interested in this webinar, you can watch the full video here.

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