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Cloud migration examples

Many companies have opted to migrate their operations to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits this technology offers. We hope that these cloud migration examples inspire other organizations to consider cloud migration as part of their digital transformation strategy, which grants them countless benefits in the short and long term.

Example 1. Migration of SAP ECC operation to SYCLOUD

A concrete example is that of a large company dedicated to the commercialization of industrial and medical gases. This organization decided to move its SAP ECC operation to SYCLOUD’s private cloud, previously hosted on on-site servers with obsolete local infrastructure. Indeed, in this case, the migration process presented a high level of complexity, as the client wanted to switch their operating system from Windows to Linux RedHat and their database from SQL to SAP HANA, in addition to upgrading the SAP application to EHP7.

During the migration process to the cloud, on the day the change was made in the production environment, the company’s 250 users connected without experiencing any failures, as the SAP application was no longer hosted locally. On the contrary, system speed and stability had noticeably increased. The organization felt more secure thanks to the segmented design of access to applications and databases provided by SYCLOUD.


  • Damaged equipment unavailable
  • Last SAP ECC 6.0 backup


Heterogeneous migration and an SAP ECC ERP upgrade

  • Upgrade SAP from EHP0 to EHP7
  • Switch from Windows Server to Linux
  • Switch from SQL DB to HANA
  • Test SAP business processes and make corrections.
  • Change the SAP GUI version for all users.
  • Improve security by creating a segmented network design within SYCLOUD and communication policies, IPs, and communication ports.


  • SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7 on SQL DB and Windows operating system migrated on HANA.
  • Application and database security in a segmented network

Example 2. Migration from SAP HEC cloud to Google cloud

In this case, the client needed to move out of the SAP HEC cloud, because their contract had expired, and migrate to the Google cloud.


  • SAP ECC 6.0


  • Reduced cloud migration time.
  • Extra month charge in SAP Cloud.
  • Response times to create scheduled backups within 48 hrs. Risk of time limit.
  • No one believed the migration could be completed on time.
  • The client did not have documentation for the interfaces.


  • SAP ECC 6.0 on linux
  • Google Cloud

Example 3. Recovery of Productive SAP

This is the case of a company that originally avoided moving to a cloud service, as there was a conception that it was insecure, however, they decided to migrate.

The storage team had a failure, and the Productive SAP system became unavailable. The manufacturer could not recover the equipment for 3 days; it was Friday and the production system was still down.

A friend recommended the specialized SAP service from SYCLOUD provided by SYAAT. The client contacted SYAAT, and over the weekend, they recovered their Productive SAP environment; nevertheless, they only hired the service for six months while they restored their equipment. During the six months of use, they discovered that the specialized SAP services, security, stability, and availability of their application provided by SYCLOUD’s services were of high quality. Additionally, the complexity of their IT operation was drastically reduced, so they decided to definitively shut down their on-site infrastructure and move to SYCLOUD.


  • SAP ECC 6.0 on linux


  • SAP system unavailable, only one backup.
  • Set up the system over the weekend.


  • SAP ECC on linux

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