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Grupo Lozano success story: “SAP Migration to the Cloud”

For more than 20 years, at SYAAT we have specialized in helping our clients migrate SAP to the Cloud.

It is common for us to meet our clients in times of stress, anxiety or desperation, as they obviously come to us with serious problems in their storage systems, looking for immediate solutions to migrate SAP to the cloud. For more than 20 years, at SYAAT we have characterized ourselves by being a committed ally with our clients and providing them with a unique quality of service that exceeds the average.

Grupo Lozano Hnos. is an excellent example of this flexibility that represents us. This Mexican company, dedicated to the distribution and marketing of products and equipment for the graphic arts, came to SYAAT through one of our business partners. The customer was facing major difficulties with their storage system, as their mechanical storage disks had experienced a serious failure; it was an urgent situation, and we had to solve it immediately. It was a Friday and their system had to be up and running by Monday, otherwise their operations would fall, creating serious problems for the company. Evidently, the client was in a state of desperation.

This client had tried to recover its information with the help of specialists from a recognized brand in the field of technology. Unfortunately, despite multiple attempts by said company, they were unable to recover your system or your information. It was at this point that they approached us for an immediate solution, as they had experienced significant delays trying to migrate SAP to the cloud without success. So we got to work.

Initially, Grupo Lozano Hnos had certain doubts about entrusting its business to a cloud platform. It is common for companies to have uncertainty or mistrust when migrating their operations to the cloud due to the type of sensitive information they store in SAP transactional systems. We, as service providers, understand these concerns and ensure that we provide protection and information through service level agreements (SLAs) signed with our clients.

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In the case of Grupo Lozano Hnos, given the urgency of their situation, we empathized and recognized the priority of uploading their information and the need to provide them with our support in this situation that was so worrying. In this way, we implement all the necessary measures to guarantee its operation before signing the corresponding SLAs; thus, the client felt confident that their information would be safe with us.

This way we established communication with Grupo Lozano Hnos to rehabilitate its infrastructure and optimally recover its damaged system in record time by recovering the database. At SYAAT, migrating SAP to the cloud is a pleasure as well as being very simple for us, since we have the best specialized team to carry it out.

Thanks to the fact that Grupo Lozano Hnos. Was based on the reference of  our specialized cloud services for SAP, they trusted us, and we also placed our trust in them, even though there was no formal contract.

It was precisely because of that vote of trust that we gave them, and because of our flexibility, that they decided, in the first instance, to work with us. The work lasted two consecutive days, over the weekend, to ensure that the operation was ready for Monday. This was the main requirement and challenge for SYAAT: its operations had to be restored by the beginning of the week in order to continue with its business processes.

It was hard and dedicated work. Grupo Lozano Hnos was able to appreciate our availability and experience, but above all our dedication and flexibility to migrate SAP to the cloud in such a short time. It was from this experience that a solid relationship was established with them.

Initially, the company tested our service for six months, enough time to realize our expertise, flexibility, honesty and quality. Since that moment on, Grupo Lozano Hnos has been working with. They have given us their trust for three years to continue providing support for its SAP systems on our SYCLOUD cloud platform.

Due to a business need for Grupo Lozano Hnos, we were able to offer them a cloud backup solution, in addition to the services mentioned above. These backups are hosted on our world-class cloud, called SYCLOUD. The advantage of this software solution is its ability to optimize bandwidth, in addition to significantly facilitating the way in which information backups are performed.

The connection of this software is securely established through a protected communication port and from anywhere in the world, not only the information, but also the structure of the machine can be backed up. This is especially important in cases of loss, theft, changes or damage to infrastructure.

Our backup tool is highly flexible and extremely easy to use; backup jobs can be automated and scheduled, thus helping to keep the system and information up to date, without having to do it on site.

Each one of the companies that have placed their trust in us knows that we love challenges and that we are willing to do what is necessary to make their operations work optimally.

We are proud to say that today Grupo Lozano Hnos has backups of its information in different locations, including distribution centers and sales force, through our information protection software.

The director of Grupo Lozano Hnos, since we managed to migrate SAP to the cloud within its operations immediately, overcame the paradigm that the cloud is not secure and that it represents a danger, a perspective that is often ingrained in people with a more traditional mentality. Fortunately, we are managing to change that perception.

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