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BUENO ALIMENTOS success story: “SAP Migration to the Cloud”

The migration to the cloud is usually a necessary tool, not only in cases of maintenance or updating of information, but goes beyond the natural benefits that come with migrating SAP to the cloud; sometimes, external elements can hinder or completely damage companies’ operating systems.

At SYAAT we are aware that anything can happen and that the smartest decision is to get on a cloud platform.

External situations may occur that put a company’s operational activities at risk, as happened with our collaboration experience with BUENO ALIMENTOS, a prominent company based in Monterrey, and our client since 2017. Throughout these six years, this company has faced various circumstances that have reaffirmed the excellent decision they made when choosing to migrate SAP to the cloud.

This company is dedicated to the marketing of snacks and derivatives, and they trust our cloud to operate their SAP solution. BUENO ALIMENTOS is one of our oldest and most reliable clients. Since the beginning of our business relationship, they have hosted their critical SAP solutions on our specialized cloud platform, called SYCLOUD, which is located in a world-class data center.

In June 2017, BUENO ALIMENTOS came to us looking for a new SAP service provider. Their previous provider offered limited services in terms of decision-making and administration, which generated insecurity among company managers, as their information could be put at risk. Fortunately, they found a solution in our cloud platform that strengthened their trust in our services and established a long-lasting and fruitful partnership.

In addition to the technical aspects and the obvious benefits of the cloud, such as cost reduction and the elimination of concerns related to server security, we want to mention a real and atypical example involving BUENO ALIMENTOS. In April 2022, its factory suffered a fire caused by an external phenomenon. Despite the loss of inventory, the company did not lose its critical information because it was hosted on our cloud platform. Even after this unfortunate incident, they were able to continue their operations without any setbacks, as the SAP migration had been a crucial element in avoiding the stoppage of their services.

On the other hand, we also provide them with support in recreating their connectivity mechanisms, establishing a new secure connection to our cloud. In these situations, where losses may occur due to accidents or weather events, our clients find great benefit in the security and stability provided by our private cloud platform, SYCLOUD.

Additionally, understanding the difficult situation they went through, we deferred BUENO ALIMENTOS payments to alleviate their financial burden after the tragedy. This action is a reflection of our habit of empathizing with our clients and providing comprehensive support to each and every one of them, since our main interest is your vote of confidence.

On repeated occasions, BUENO ALIMENTOS has expressed its satisfaction with the decision to become our business partner, since they now have the confidence of having their information always available, something that was not previously possible for them on other platforms.

Today, BUENO ALIMENTOS is one of our clients with the greatest availability of its services, which is crucial for them, given that they operate every day of the week, 24 hours a day. We have provided exceptional levels of service that have allowed us to maintain a successful collaboration throughout the seven years we have shared.

Regarding availability for the client, it must be said that it is a fundamental aspect. By migrating SAP to the cloud, you avoid the need to constantly upload and download systems, which can limit operational efficiency. Many of SAP’s improvements and fixes are applied through transport orders generated in the development environment, then in the quality environment and finally in the production environment, ensuring that these improvements are effective without affecting companies’ business operations.

Our cloud solution offers the advantage of ongoing payment based on an initial budget. From the beginning, we dimension the necessary resources so that our clients can operate constantly and safely and the income will not change, as long as the resources such as memory, CPU or disk space needed by the company do not increase.

We understand the flexibility that any cloud service offers, but with us, customers get that elasticity without sacrificing the stability and availability of their systems. With SYCLOUD there is no need to constantly upload and download SAP applications.

In relation to the sizing, that is the necessary capacity, we carry out an analysis based on the information modules that the client will implement or has already implemented. SYAAT has extensive experience in providing these types of services, and we have advised most of our clients on how to adapt resources to their specific needs. Our clients value our experience of more than 20 years in the market and fully trust that we will dimension their systems in a stable and secure manner according to their specific needs.

We have also provided BUENO ALIMENTOS valuable support in the field of communications, which is the backbone of the operations and the connection between the location and the service points within the cloud. To carry out this process, we perform a thorough analysis to determine the customer’s actual bandwidth needs, an aspect that few providers consider. We offer this additional service to ensure stable communication during our collaboration with the client.

The companies that have worked hand in hand with us are evidence that migration is the most reliable option when it comes to backing up or protecting your business’s sensitive information. It is a fact that SAP migration to the cloud today is a necessity for all companies. It is the simplest way to safeguard data and information in a safe, reliable and efficient way, if you have the appropriate platform. The cloud is not just a whim of the present, it is a requirement for the future.

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